Private lessons

  • Students should arrive promptly and bring all current repertoire and materials to the lesson. Assignments should be completed each week.
  • Parents are encouraged to observe the lessons of very young students, or of any student identified by the teacher, to facilitate practice sessions at home.
  • Neatness counts. Please trim your nails and pull back hair when needed.
  • Adult students are encouraged to enroll for at least one 45-minute lesson weekly.
  • Students or parents are encouraged to call or email me between lessons if questions arise. 

Studio Guidelines

  • If you arrive early, please enter quietly and have a seat until your lesson.
  • Please do not bring food and beverages into the studio.
  • Parents with other children should bring activities to engage them. Under no circumstance should other children be left unattended.
  • Unless there is an emergency, please do not interrupt the lesson.
  • Convenient parking is available at all locations.


  • The student's private lesson time is reserved for his or her use; therefore, regular attendance is expected.
  • A 24-hour notice is required to reschedule or cancel a lesson, otherwise you will be charged for the lesson.  Rescheduling/cancellation is limited to two lessons per semester.  


  • Students wishing to withdraw must give two weeks' notice of intent. All fees incurred during this time are due at the final lesson.
  • Students may be dismissed for any of the following reasons: repeated failure to attend/prepare lessons, behavior or attitude problems, non-payment of fees.