I worked with Barbara in her capacity as both accompanist and vocal coach. She’s a warm-hearted, passionate musician who has a lot of experience in chamber music and but also accompanying choirs. Her rich, colorful piano playing supports the singers by helping the conductor achieve correct phrasing and dynamics. It’s a pleasure to work with her as singer, conductor or choir as she feels musical phrases very naturally and creates a supporting musical dialogue. As vocal coach, Barbara worked with our choir to improve the sound and vocal quality in preparation for a competition. Although our choir members are not all trained singers,  with her pedagogical skills and knowledge about vocal technique she achieved an impressive improvement in the vocal sound, in volume, color and pronunciation. For me as conductor, it felt like I had a new instrument to work with.

Steven de Mesmaeker, Pianist, Orchestra and Choir Conductor, musical director Brussels Light Opera Company, Belgium

Barbara happily and exceptionally became and remained our ‘in-house’ accompanist. She worked tirelessly and professionally with our Solo and Ensemble festival participants (some as young as 11years old) for our yearly trip to The Hague. Her seriousness and dedication to the music was evident – always giving her all. Whether she was playing for an advanced High School student or a beginner her commitment to the music was absolute and sincere. The effect this had on the students was exemplary and lasting.

Eric Delson, Head of Performing Arts, International School of Brussels

 I came to Ms. Wilkinson as an advanced student, with plenty of technique and knowledge, but she took all of this and helped me translate this technique into musicality and phrasing.  In particular, learning how to treat the different periods of the classical era and how to conceive of the phrases differently is a lesson I still remember to this day.  She was a dominant figure in my musical life.  Ms. Wilkinson's enthusiasm and patience helped me evolve into the musician I am today, and even during weeks where I didn't find as much time practice, she always found a way to motivate me and stay positive!  Even though my classical piano skills are not being used as much at the current moment in my career, I still fondly remember my lessons with Ms. Wilkinson as a wonderful period of growth, fun, and great music-making.

Drew Zaremba, Music Graduate student, University of North Texas

Barbara is more than a gifted artist; she empowers others to achieve their goals in musical expression.  Years ago, she asked me to consider joining our church’s choir.  I laughed. “Barbara, you’re kind to ask me, but I can’t even read music.”  She looked me in the eyes, in the soul, really, and said, “I believe that you can do just fine, John.  Just try it!”  I was impressed that she would invite me to join that distinguished group. Because it was Barbara who was asking, kind, beautiful, gifted Barbara, I thought, well, OK.  The music that flows from this amazing choir has always been one of my favorite things about Community on the Hill.  Well, I’m still in the choir.  Watching her play the piano during a service, I marvel at her grace, at her expressive, fluid movements.  And I want to sing.  I want to raise my voice heavenward. Thanks to Barbara, I have found my voice. I express my “joyful noise” with the same conviction as anyone else in the choir.  Barbara provides a safe place to grow, to be stretched a bit, and to experience the joy in music. Barbara helped me find my own notes in the music.  She is one of the finest gifts this church has brought to me.

John N. Bell

Barbara Wilkinson was my singing teacher for two years. She was wonderfully skilled and patient, and my singing advanced greatly under her guidance. I benefited very much technically, and she helped inspire me with enthusiasm and confidence to keep working on my skills. I can thoroughly recommend her as a teacher.   

Deira Janis Watson (adult voice student)

Barbara taught my two sons piano lessons for 3 years while we were living in Brussels.  She is a passionate, dynamic and encouraging teacher and this was evidenced at her recitals where students of all levels happily performed and had clearly learned a lot in addition to having fun too.  It was also enjoyable to watch Barbara perform as an accompanist for ensembles and soloists alike, always prepared, entertaining and inspirational at the same time.  Barbara is a delightful, upbeat, positive person and a first class musician, anyone who is fortunate to work with her should consider themselves blessed.
Julie Zaremba- Dallas/Ft. Worth

Barbara was the pianist at our church, and when—at the age of 53—I learned that she taught adults, I decided to realize an unfulfilled childhood dream by taking piano lessons from her.  For five years (until she moved overseas), the lessons were a highlight in my life.  She is an inspiring, passionate, and compassionate teacher, and I will be forever grateful for my time as her student.

Cheryl Welsh-Charrier

Barbara Wilkinson is a born teacher. She knew exactly how to motivate and encourage me; and since shebegan giving me singing lessons, I've grown more and more confident in my abilities. Apart from being a wonderful teacher, Barbara is also a very kind patient person and a pleasure to be taught by.

Naomi Gibson (voice student from Belgium)